Big architecture in world class

BIG – architecture in world-class

Due to the big project called Cloud City, that takes place in Spreeglee’s hometown of Aalborg, which is currently rebuilding and quickly growth, we have found a lot of interesting facts about the huge architectural firm BIG, which has been given the opportunity to lie flair on the city we are located in.

The very name “BIG” is a shortening of Bjarke Ingels Group, and is led by Danish Bjarke Ingels. He started the company PLOT in 2001 with his former colleague Julien De Smedt, but they decided five years later to go one’s separate ways, which meant that Ingels could start his own in 2005. The company currently 450+ employees between Copenhagen, London and New York. The star architect and his company BIG Group are responsible for all influential projects from multicultural exchanges, global economic flows and communication technologies, all of which require new ways of architectural and urban organizations.

Bjarke Ingels

Bjarke Ingels talking about BIG and the project Cloud City on the stage in “Musikkens Hus”. (Aalborg)

BIG’s architecture is evident from a careful analysis of how modern life constantly evolves and changes. Not least because of the architecture, urbanization and interior design, but also landscape design, product design and research. BIG is currently involved in a large number of projects throughout Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, ranging from the new LEGO building in Billund, the striking skyscraper in Manhattan to a huge city on Mars, becoming one of the architectural investments in the future.


Lego House in Billund

The interesting thing about BIG is that they also worry about the growing awareness that the resources of the planet unfortunately are limited. It is therefore for the architect to consider the temperature conditions. Bjarke Ingels express that they always have had to build a separate way in the cold north than in the warmer south.
However primitive looks and landscaped buildings are not exactly an advertisement for an ecologically conscious housing style, so it has changed as there has been a much greater economic volume in building climate-resistant, resource-saving, environmentally-friendly works.

BIG always cares for not only boiling the architectural idea to the simplest but they also unfold so that everything that is made can be explained to a fifth-grade school level in two minutes. There are projects that a child can understand – fun and surprising stories that always embrace the problems instead of trying to hide them.

World trade center II

World Trade Center II ( The building in the middle with the 5 blocks)

Bjarke Ingels put his person in play with the works. He is today a kind of live advertising column for BIG’s architecture, with its spectacular “in your face”- attitude perfectly fits the world’s ambitious business leaders, and here at Spreeglee we are privileged to have his brick piece “Hot to cold” book in your warehouse signet by Bjarke Ingels and partner David Zahle. The book is mostly aimed at especially architectural enthusiasts around the world, but it also has an interest in those who will give an impression of BIG’s global significance and not least the considerations that architects make about sustainability and resource consumption.


The book Hot to Cold, about BIG’s many projects

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