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    Birkenstock - Gary Shoes Sand


    Gary Shoes Sand

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    714 kr

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    Birkenstock - Zürich Sandals


    Zürich Sandals

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    629 kr

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    Birkenstock - Montana White Shoes


    Montana White Shoes

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    Birkenstock - Arizona EVA White


    Arizona EVA White

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    Birkenstock - Arizona NU Steer Soft Sand


    Arizona NU Steer Soft Sand

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    Birkenstock - Arizona LENB Black Ultra Blue Sole


    Arizona LENB Black Ultra Blue Sole

    1.499 kr

    1.124 kr

    Birkenstock - Arizona NU Steer Soft Brown


    Arizona NU Steer Soft Brown

    899 kr

    41, 42, 44
    Birkenstock - Arizona Eva Beach Sandals Silver


    Arizona Eva Beach Sandals Silver

    349 kr


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    Usually, prominent brands boast to have been on the market for one or more decades. With Birkenstock, it is rather a matter of centuries, and it is hard to imagine that our tiffany parents far back in time may have walked around in Birkenstock sandals, similar to the ones you are about to buy now. It bears witness to a rare business understanding, but at the same time - and perhaps even more so - to a very special sense of quality, comfort, fit and good craftsmanship. Since 1774, Birkenstock has designed one beautiful pair of sandals after another for both men and women all over the world. Tradition and cultural heritage are important characteristics of the brand, which is deeply rooted in the production of quality shoes that are first and foremost comfortable for you to walk in.

    Family-run business with proud traditions

    Birkenstock's success depends to a large extent on a family's unity and dedication to producing high-quality craftsmanship like the one you get with orthopedic shoes. Their sandals stay firmly on your feet and are comfortable to walk in while not straining your feet, but instead provide the best possible support when moving around and being active in your everyday life.

    Your feet should be able to carry you throughout your life, so it is important that you take good care of them and buy good footwear that supports rather than strain. In the summer heat, it is also important that your feet have space to breathe. With Birkenstock sandals, practical shoes are made cool, and if you want to be fashionable, you can safely choose a pair of them for your wardrobe.

    Birkenstock for men of all ages

    Birkenstock men sandals are not exclusively reserved for the younger or the older men, and if you style them right with fashion clothing from, your sandals can be used for all your outfits. The sandals are available in a wide variety of neutral natural colors that do not in themselves make much of a difference, and it is up to you to put together the perfect outfit that gives each style its own look. The icing on the cake are a couple of carefully selected accessories that are the difference that make the difference - to your outfits, your overarching personal style, and how you look and feel. Be proud of who you are, and dress comfortably and trend-based with Birkenstock sandals. They are a must have in every man's wardrobe - at least if you ask us at

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