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    Norse Projects - Nylon Sports Cap

    Norse Projects

    Nylon Sports Cap

    499 kr

    250 kr

    One Size
    Norse Projects - Light Faux Suede Falt Cap Blue

    Norse Projects

    Light Faux Suede Falt Cap Blue

    499 kr

    250 kr

    One Size
    PS Paul Smith - Mens Hat Wool Baseball

    PS Paul Smith

    Mens Hat Wool Baseball

    399 kr

    One Size
    Tommy Hilfiger - Big Logo Flag Cap Blue

    Tommy Hilfiger

    Big Logo Flag Cap Blue

    349 kr

    One Size
    ALIS - Classic Snapback Curved Cap


    Classic Snapback Curved Cap

    299 kr

    One Size
    Lacoste - Cap Blanc


    Cap Blanc

    399 kr

    One Size
    Tommy Hilfiger - BB Cap Stripes

    Tommy Hilfiger

    BB Cap Stripes

    349 kr

    One Size
    Supreme - Piping 6-Panel


    Piping 6-Panel

    699 kr

    One Size
    Kenzo - Kenzo x Vans Cap Lemon


    Kenzo x Vans Cap Lemon

    849 kr

    One Size
    Cross Baseball Cap Black

    Marcelo Burlon

    Cross Baseball Cap Black

    1.649 kr

    One Size
    Artwork Cap Faded Black

    Han Kjøbenhavn

    Artwork Cap Faded Black

    599 kr

    One Size
    Kenzo Tiger Crest Cap Pink Logo


    Kenzo Tiger Crest Cap Pink Logo

    649 kr

    One Size
    Retro Cap Black

    Peak Performance

    Retro Cap Black

    299 kr

    One Size

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    Caps at

    Here at you will find a large selection of stylish caps. There are probably few who do not know about the cap, even though you might not have an attachment to baseball, which is what the cap was originally invented for. But where they were once just used for sports where they protected from the heat and shade the sun, they are now seen everywhere in the street scene and nature. 

    Most caps are typically made of cotton, nylon or polyester as these materials ensure good ventilation. The materials are also effective against the weather and wind, so the cap can easily be worn for a walk on the beach filled with sand and salt. Most caps are also good for a trip in the washing machine, and have no problems if you are caught by the rain during a run.

    We hope that the following will help you get a grip on which cap you should go for. So if you have been inspired, we have a large selection of different caps and caps for sale from brands such as: Lacoste, Supreme, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

    Different types of caps

    Snapback - the classic baseball cap. As mentioned above, the design we all know came about in the context of baseball as their players suffered from the hot and dazzling sun. The cap has a stylish look with a round top and a flat beak that shades against the sun. In many places, the baseball cap is called a snapback, which suggests that you can adjust the size with a buckle that sits at the back of the cap.

    Trucker caps - These caps are basically made of a mesh material, which provides much better ventilation than the classic cap. The shape is also usually a bit more square than on a snapback. The model has never been as popular as the baseball cap, but nevertheless is a solid choice year after year.

    Skater caps - In the last couple of decades, no other subculture has taken the cap to them as the skating community has. Here, the cap has received upgrades in the form of bold embroidered logos, prints and strong colors. Skateboards and caps go hand-in-hand, which is no wonder, as many skaters, like baseball players, spend many hours a day outside practicing physical sports that are not well suited for a pair of fragile sunglasses. And in the Danish market, there is probably no more oldschool brand than ALIS, and for that reason we always have a number of their newest and coolest caps in stock just waiting for a new owner.


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