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    Jordan 1 Mid Royal Blue Laser Orange

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    Air Jordan 1 Low Sesame

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    Air Jordan

    Nike Air Jordan - or also just known as Air Jordan - is one of the absolute biggest successes in the shoe industry (and the fashion industry) in recent times. Air Jordan (1) first saw the light of day back in 1985, and since then it has gone really fast. As early as 1985, the streety sneakers were torn down from the shelves, and they still do today - over 35 years after launch.

    If you love sneakers, and you might even be a bit of a collector, then of course you should own a pair of Air Jordan sneakers or two. It is, after all, the hottest of the hottest in sneakers.

    Since 1985, it has become many exciting generations of the popular shoe that goes by the name Air Jordan. Fashion has changed markedly over the years, but it's no secret that Air Jordan continues to be a huge hit at home as well as abroad.

    Air Jordan is the top of the pop in the sneaker universe

    The shoe market is full of fashionable sneakers, and therefore it can also be difficult to choose. However, some sneakers are more fashionable and popular than others - among the most popular you will encounter, among other things. on Air Jordan.

    Air Jordan is today considered the top of the pop in the field of sneakers. Maybe you do not own a pair of sneakers from this brand, but you have definitely come across the shoes when you have taken a walk on the street or moved around your workplace. The shoes have found their way into the wardrobe of many Danes since 1985.

    The story behind Air Jordan is both inspiring, unique and exciting. Air Jordan is the result of a successful collaboration between Michael Jordan (one of the greatest basketball players ever) and Nike. Michael Jordan at the time was just a great talent who dreamed of winning championships and developing as a player. He succeeded, and he even had the honor of naming the iconic sneakers known as Air Jordan. Peter Moore, Bruce Kilgore and Tinker Hatfield are behind the design itself.

    Michael Jordan used not only the shoes in his spare time, but also on the court - despite the fact that they did not meet the NBA's rules regarding color combinations. It each time cost a fine of $ 5,000 - a fine that, incidentally, was paid by Nike. The fines were not to be missed, but it was apparently worth it - it gave a lot of publicity and publicity.

    That's why the enthusiasm for Air Jordan is great

    The interest and demand for Air Jordan is great and it has hardly passed your nose. But what is the reason for the great enthusiasm? We will try to dive a little into that in this section.

    Whether you are interested in basketball or sports at all or not, you have hardly been able to avoid getting acquainted with Air Jordan and the many unique sneakers from this brand. These sneakers are seen everywhere - not only on basketball courts all over the world, but also for fashion weeks all over the globe. If you would like to be introduced to the most attractive benefits of Air Jordan, read on.

    4 good reasons to buy a pair of Air Jordan sneakers:

    1. You're Guaranteed Lots of Street Credit - Is There Really Anything More Cool And Street Than A Few Air Jordan? No, right? In any case, you are guaranteed plenty of street credit when you hop in one of the many sneakers and move around the neighborhood. You can, of course, go street dressed without compromising on factors such as comfort, quality and fashion. Doesn't that sound wonderful?
    2. You get a pair of sneakers with excellent comfort - Air Jordan not only performs well on the visual front. Well enough, the shoes offer delicious designs and beautiful colors, but you can also look forward to experiencing the high level of comfort. Common to all the shoes from Air Jordan is that they are comfortable to wear, whatever you need to use them for sports or just want to use them as casual shoes. The shoes are typically equipped with a shock-absorbing sole, which ensures that both you and your feet will be able to feel comfortable. Air Jordan is also known for a very good fit, which naturally has a positive effect on comfort.
    3. The popular sneakers hold the value better than other sneakers - Under normal circumstances, a pair of sneakers loses a large part of its value as soon as they are put into use. However, this is not always the case for Air Jordan sneakers. The shoes can often be resold without a major loss of value. And if you have your fingers in a pair of sneakers from a limited edition, you will in some cases be able to make money by reselling them.
    4. The shoes can be used for many occasions - The Air Jordan shoes typically offer both a sporty and street look, but that does not mean that you can only use the shoes in sporting contexts. The shoes can also be used in many other contexts and will fit perfectly for several chores.

    Air Jordan 1 in Low, Mid or High?

    Should I choose Air Jordan 1 in Low, Mid or High? And what distinguishes the different editions? Many fashion-conscious men and women seek answers to these questions, which is why we bring the answers here.

    There is no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to choosing the Air Jordan. It is by and large a matter of taste, whether you are mostly for high, medium or low sneakers.

    Worth knowing about the Air Jordan editions:

    Air Jordan 1 Low = the shoe goes around the ankle (low model)
    Air Jordan 1 Mid = the shoe goes slightly above the ankle (between model)
    Air Jordan 1 High = the shoe goes a bit over the ankle (high model)

    If you want a pair of light and flexible sneakers, then it will be obvious to go with Air Jordan 1 Low. As mentioned, the Low version has a lower design and a more subdued expression than the High version. This edition is popular with both men and women and is known for being easy to style.

    If Low is too low and High too high, then of course you have to go with the Mid version. The mid-edition was not part of the original series, but actually first came into the world many years later. If nothing else, the Mid-edition today is really popular and often more accessible than the other editions.

    Air Jordan 1 High was the sneaker that Michael Jordan used in the NBA years back, and therefore it may not come as a surprise to you that this edition is really popular. If you want a pair of high-top sneakers that can be used for many outfits, then choose this version.

    Air Jordan for men

    Air Jordan is not only a much-loved brand among male fans of Michael Jordan, but also among many fashion-conscious men who are not afraid to rock a little street outfit. If you as a man are looking for a pair of new sneakers, then you have come to the right place.

    Air Jordan for women

    Air Jordan not only goes really well for sportswear, but also for everything from jeans to dresses. Many women have gradually opened their eyes to this, and the iconic sneakers are a hit with the female audience in particular.

    Order your new shoes today and enjoy the free delivery

    Spreeglee is not only your reliable supplier of fashion clothes, but also of fashion shoes. Among other things, we lead a wide selection of sneakers from Nike Air Jordan. If this is why you are looking for a pair of new Air Jordan, then you have come to the right place. On this page, we have collected our many sneakers for men and women, and we definitely have a pair of shoes that match your personal taste.

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