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    Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Bone

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    adidas Yeezy - or just Yeezy - is the story of a collab that became a huge success. In a very short time (the collaboration began in early 2015), Yeezy has become a huge hit worldwide. The first pair of shoes from the series sold out in no time, and demand is still very high to this day. Also among the Danes, the interest and demand is noticeable.

    Today there are a lot of cool sneakers, and many reminiscent of each other, but with Yeezy you are guaranteed a pair of shoes that stand out from the crowd and that will surely give you many admiring looks.

    Due to the huge hype surrounding Yeezy - and the shoes from this collab - it has been difficult for years to get your fingers in a pair of the iconic sneakers. At Spreeglee, however, we have good news for you; we give you the opportunity to buy a pair of modern Yeezy sneakers today.

    Yeezy is the result of a fantastic collaboration between Kanye West and adidas

    As we have already teased, Yeezy is a collab between Kanye West and adidas respectively. On the one hand we have adidas, which is one of the biggest brands in sports equipment and sports fashion, and on the other hand we have Kanye West, who in addition to being a popular rapper is also known as a style icon and a skilled entrepreneur.

    Kanye West has always been a controversial, innovative and brave person who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and think out of the box. This is expressed not only through his music, but also through the sneakers he has designed in collaboration with German adidas.

    Yeezy sneakers are special, and therefore it is also only natural that the shoes do not fall in everyone's taste. It is nevertheless a fact that the special sneakers are in high demand among fashion-conscious men and women. If you are also enthusiastic about the collaboration between Kanye West and adidas, and if you love the shoes they have created together, then maybe it's time for you to get your hands on a pair of Yeezy shoes.

    This makes Yeezy sneakers something special

    Yeezy sneakers get ripped off the shelves - yes, in fact, they do not always reach the shelves before they are gone. This is of course due to the fact that these sneakers are something very special, and we would like to introduce you to the highlights of the shoes.

    Do you lack good reasons to buy Yeezy shoes? So take a look below:

    1. You are guaranteed a pair of quality shoes - Yeezy sneakers are sneakers of the highest quality. No matter which of the many versions you choose, you can be sure that the quality is top notch. Yeezy offers the latest technology and is provided with quality materials from end to end. Yeezy shoes offer i.a. on a unique foam technology - a technology that not only delivers high durability but also high comfort.

    2. The shoes offer original and trend-setting designs - Yeezy sneakers share the waters, but you will probably like the original and trend-setting designs that give your outfit a boost. If you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, and if you are not at all afraid of wild color combinations and unique design details, then you should own a pair of shoes from adidas Yeezy.

    3. The shoes have a high resale value - Normally you do not buy shoes to resell them, but you can if nothing else rejoice that Yeezy sneakers offer a high resale value. This means that if one day you decide to sell your shoes, you can do so without suffering a major loss of value.

    The favorites from adidas Yeezy

    adidas and Kanye West are behind many different models. Common to them all is that they offer high quality and a unique design. Despite the uncompromising focus on creating a unique design and always delivering high quality, some of the Yeezy models are more popular than others.

    Each model offers some characteristics that make that particular model something special. The question then is just what style are you most into. The Yeezy models are often colorful and packed with details, but it is also possible to get a pair of more subdued shoes from this collab, if you have a desire to do so.

    The most popular Yeezy models include of the following:

    • Yeezy 350
    • Yeezy 380
    • Yeezy 500
    • Yeezy 700

    Want to know more about these favorites? So jump straight to the next few sections where we review the different models. Maybe you will find your personal favorite.

    Yeezy 350 & 380

    Yeezy 350 and Yeezy 380 are some of the series that are hard - almost impossible - to get around. If you want a brief introduction to these two series, read below.

    The Yeezy 350 differs a lot from the previous models by offering a lower design. In addition, the model offers a unique technology that goes by the name Primeknit. Without going into depth with the technology, we can say that the technology helps to ensure a low weight and a high level of comfort. And yes, of course, the Yeezy 350 comes in a myriad of color combinations.

    The Yeezy 380 is also a notable model. This is a relatively new model, which has already become a pretty big hit. Yeezy 380 is best known for its futuristic design.

    Yeezy 500

    The Yeezy 500 is certainly also worth highlighting when it comes to popular sneakers from the aforementioned collab between adidas and Kanye West. Like many of the other models, the Yeezy 500 also shares the waters - this model offers a slightly old school look - a look that you either love or hate. Unlike the previous models from the series, the Yeezy 500 does not offer the Boost technology, but instead the Feet You Wear technology in the sole.

    Yeezy 700 

    The Yeezy 700 series - and the shoes from this series - have been criticized for resembling dad shoes - or Danish father shoes. Dad-shoes or not, it's a series that falls into good soil with the young people who have learned that the Yeezy 700 can help to add the finishing touch to one's outfit. The Yeezy 700 was, at the time of release, not sold out in seconds or minutes, like some of the other models, but there should be no doubt that the Yeezy 700 is today an ultra-popular series. Incidentally, it became no less popular when Chance the Rapper trooped up to a popular talk show (Saturday Night Live) wearing a pair of Yeezy 700 sneakers. This really got sales going.

    Yeezy Slide

    Yeezy Slide is the series of slides (a kind of Slippers) that, like the many sneakers from the collab mentioned, offer a unique design. Yeezy Slide does not have many years on its back, but today they are worn by several celebrities, and of course that has only increased the interest further.

    If you need a pair of rockers for the pool, the beach or for everyday use, then a pair of Yeezy Slide will be a perfect choice. Then you are at least guaranteed a stylish outfit for the coming summer. Furthermore, you can rejoice that the comfort is towering. 

    Yeezy for men

    adidas Yeezy offers lots of sneakers and shoes for the confident, fashionable and quality-conscious man. We can not offer the complete range, but in our range you will find some of the favorites from adidas Yeezy.

    Yeezy for women

    adidas Yeezy shoes are clearly most popular among men, but if you as a woman have a great desire to own a pair of the unique and modern sneakers, then of course you have the opportunity to do so. At Spreeglee, we sell sneakers for both sexes.


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