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New products

Versace Collection

Maglia Uomo Stampata Azzuro

2,899 (DKK)
Very nice silk knit from Versace Collection in Azure and black. An aesthetically beautiful sweater of the highest quality, adorned with beautiful patterns and horses.

Versace Collection

Scarpe Nero FDO

2,499 (DKK)
All black sneaker from Versace Collection with large pattern on the side. A classic shoe that goes well most outfits.

Versace Collection

Scarpe Nero-Blue Elettrico

1,899 (DKK)
A stylish sandal from Versace Collection in black and white, with the iconic versace pattern in blue on the elastic buckle.

Versace Collection

Scarpe Rosso-Bianco-Nikel

2,499 (DKK)
Simple white sneaker from Versace Collection, with red stripes and a silver buckle with the Medusa logo.

Tommy Jeans

TJM Athletic Jacket

1,499 (DKK)
A light and handsome jacket from Tommy Jeans. A geat jacket for the cooler summerdays. Equipped with two zippered pockets and adjustable elastic at the bottom of the jacket.

Han Kjøbenhavn

Shell Track Top

1,499 (DKK)
Grey bomber jacket from Han Kjøbenhavn. Equipped with a gold zipper on the front and two side pockets. The back of the jacket has an "Airflow" pocket which makes it breathable.


Jamming - Puma black-whisper white

1,649 (DKK)
Black and grey knitted shoe with black and white pearls in the sole that adapts to the shape of your feet.

Versace Collection

T-shirt Girocollo, grey

999 (DKK)
Grey T-shirt with half silver Medusa print

Versace Collection

T-shirt Girocollo, black with silver Medusa

999 (DKK)
Black T-shirt with half silver Medusa print

PS By Paul Smith

Mens LS tailored shirt, white with zebras

1,249 (DKK)
White shirt with zebras and little colour spots


White T-Shirt with Lacoste Print

399 (DKK)
White Lacoste T-Shirt with a big Lacoste print on the front.

Versace Underwear

Blue/Gold Versace Stretch Cotton Trunk

299 (DKK)
These trunks from Versace are made in Italy of a comfortably soft cotton blend. The soft elastic waistband is detailed with the iconic Medusa logo of Versace and a Grecian pattern. The fit of the trunks is flexible, ensuring that the garment stays in place and feels like a second skin.

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