Versace a royal highness for fashion

Versace – A Royal Highness for Fashion

The brand ‘Versace’ was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace and is today one of the world’s leading international fashion houses. The company deals with luxurious clothing, makeup, jewellery, bags, perfumes and home accessories, where the actual breakthrough occurred in 1994 with the ‘Black Versace’ dress, which was worn by the English model Elizabeth Hurley. Ever since, the brand has grown in popularity and become world famous for their beautiful designs. The Italian fashion company offers modern and fashionable goods, like no-one in the industry – from wild jackets, to bold prints on T-shirts and structured designs on their shoes.

Versace has secured its place as a family-owned company that has taken innovation to the next level. For a brand that has existed for over 33 years, it’s interesting that it never ceases to marvel and keep the world in amazement. That’s why we at have a wide range of Versace for men who will scare themselves out of the crowd and amaze the people around.

The man behind Versace
Gianni Versace was an exceptionally gifted and talented person who could control everything from design to retail. He began to design in 1972, here for the melanic brands Genny, Complice and Callaghan, and his first boutique sold his designs to these labels. He was able to lure a one-man show like no other, and therefore started his own company in 1978 under the name ‘Gianni Versace Donna’. This became an enormous success and all the fashion magazines went through and wrote about it. Tragically, Gianni Versace was murdered in 1997, in front of his home in Miami Beach, which was a terrible loss for all, and especially for those in the fashion industry. However, this didn’t reduce the glory of ‘Versace’ due to his sister Donatella, who held a couture fashion show one year and 3 days after her brother’s death. The fashion show took place over a swimming pool, which Gianni also did each fashion show before. 21 years after Gianni Versace’s death, the brand is still highest on the wishing list of those who know best in fashion, which does not say so little.

They have also designed for many famous personalities over time, including the Princess of Wales, Michael Jackson, Tupac and Drake. During his reign as head of the royal family of Italian fashion, Gianni took fashion from art and theatre to rock’n’roll and haute couture. Today, Versace is worn by the elite of the elite and the biggest stars in the world – offers you the opportunity to take part in the wave and put a special touch on your outfit and style. It is exclusively what we on stands for.
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